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Our Mission

FaciFacilitate the ideal spaces, resources, strategies and innovative educational practices that develops the full potential of our students and successfully prepares them to continue their education; thus, improving the quality of their lives.

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Our Vission

Our students demonstrate global mindedness, emotional intelligence, social responsibility and ethical leadership and are capable of collaborating, communicating, creating, and thinking critically.

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Core Values

  •   Honesty, straightforwardness in our conduct, work, with ourselves, parents, students, faculty and staff. Our school community does what is says it does.

  •   Responsibility, the quality of moral and mental accountability with other members of our school community, community at-large and environment.

  •   Respect consideration and high regard for everyone, religion, culture, gender and nationality notwithstanding.

  •   Readiness to serve, collaborate, share and contribute with others, as well as to entertain ideas philosophies, habits and traditions different from our own.

Components of Education

Quality education without cultural, technological and geographical limits.

International Learning

For the HDF community, international learning is the interaction that allows the development of global values and skills through collaboration, communication and creativity to solve problems.

Intercultural Learning

For the HDF community, intercultural learning means internalizing our national identity and valuing cultural diversity to improve coexistence through reflection, collaboration and respect.

Digital Citizenship

Is the ability to interact positively and responsibly with technological tools that allows us to empower digital media in a critic, creative and ethical way.

Accreditations Academics
Happy Days & Freedom

NEASC is an organization that connects and serves more than 1500 schools and colleges, has been working to maintain high standards of education in the world.

New England Association Of Schools And Colleges

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The International School Council (CIS) is a community of members committed to high-quality international education.

Council Of International Schools

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The Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras is a prestigious and renowned organization in the nation dedicated to ensuring quality education in its affiliated schools.

The Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras

State institution that authorizes, organizes, directs and supervises education at different levels of education, guaranteeing educational services with quality, equity and transparency.

Ministerio de Educación de Honduras

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Our Facilities

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